As Assistant Professor in the Visual and Media Arts Program at Emerson College, I direct Studio Television Production courses in the Tufte Performance and Production Center.

VMA 241 – Introduction to Studio Television Production
Students learn basic studio and control room techniques, and work in groups to create original video programs. Disciplines include stage and lighting design, camera operation, audio recording, floor management, and control room protocols for director, assistant director, technical director, graphics, audio, and shading/waveform/vectorscope.

VMA 331 – WGBH Partnership
Created in conjunction with WGBH studios. Students assume key roles for production and editing of segments of a major network television program.

VMA 440 – Advanced Studio Television Production (Fiction)
Taught in conjunction with courses in acting, directing, and production design. Disciplines include mood lighting concepts, music video, product advertisement, comedy, and drama, with course emphasis on storytelling.

As a full-time faculty member in the College of Informatics at Northern Kentucky University, I taught the following Electronic Media and Broadcasting courses for the Department of Communication:

EMB 210 – Single Camera Media Production
Introduces students to the fundamentals of pre-production, production, and post-production for video-based media. Key concepts include rules of framing and composition, three-point lighting, spatial audio recording, non-linear editing, production design, and cinema history and theory.
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EMB 215 – Introduction to Audio Production
Students learn the fundamentals of audio production including the sound wave physics, spatial recording, post-production and mastering, sound effect creation, and ambient environment creation.

EMB 424 – Digital Cinema Projects
Students are assigned key production roles and must work as a team to complete a narrative video project in a high-pressure, professional work environment with limited resources and tight deadlines.

EMB 425 – Studio 89
Students assume key roles to produce and direct a professional musical performance featuring an up and coming band, which is recorded in front of a studio audience and broadcast live on the radio on WNKU.
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EMB 435 – Media Studies
This genre-based course examines various conceptions of masculinity in American cinema, with a specific focus on the changing narratives following the 9/11 attacks. Article readings range from masculine crisis to social construction and feminist theory, and film screenings include Raging Bull, Shame, and Brokeback Mountain.
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EMB 450 – Screenwriting
Advanced writing class introduces students to the beat sheet method of narrative script writing for cinema, with the ultimate goal of producing a marketable spec script.
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