The simple question, “Why?,” burns at the heart of my desire to know the truth. I began working as a journalist in 1998, as a writer with The Comet, the student newspaper at the University of Texas at Dallas. Over the next decade, I moved on to cover community news in San Diego, and eventually progressed to become an editor of the Dallas Morning News’ triple crown-winning sports section, SportsDay.

While my creative interests later evolved into filmmaking, the documentaries that I have produced possess a strong foundation in journalistic research and writing. I strongly believe that it remains the duty of the independent journalist to provide an objective perspective of events and serve as a source of unbiased information to the public, so that citizens can make the best possible decisions in guiding the courses of their lives.

A selection of narrative journalism articles are posted below:

Blood on the Motorway
Hundreds of unsolved murders lead FBI investigators to the possibility that there may be multiple serial killers prowling America’s highways.

Military Applications of Social Media
Why is the Air Force operating thousands of fake Facebook pages?

Questionable Call
Amidst Washington’s nuclear standoff with Iran, the Iranian national team visits Salt Lake City to play summer league basketball.

More Than Meets The Eye
The robot uprising is coming.

Delusions of Grandeur
Everyone is far too overconfident about everything.

Have You Heard This
Coastal hipsters and music snobbery.

Consumer Un-Friendly
Modalities, value judgments, and an existential crisis, courtesy of your local neighborhood Wal-Mart.

Lesbian Undercover
As a social experiment, journalist Norah Vincent spent two years dressing as a man and dating women.

For the Love of the Game
Iranians … playing basketball?