My creative and academic activity intersects American media and national identity, cinematic representations of masculinity, social media, human rights, anthropology, and history. I have a strong interest in semiotics, and my research into civil rights and equality has been applied directly to the creation of the documentary films Nation of Exiles and Hate Crimes in the Heartland.

A selection of academic research articles are posted below.

Finishing the Game: Mediations Between Reality and Representation
Mass Communication Theory

Gangster Flicks: A Comparative Analysis of Reservoir Dogs, Scarface, and Belly
Cinema Theory

Hitchcock and His Audience: Creating and Manipulating Reality
Cinema Theory

Historiographical Analysis of Pornography
Communicaton, Cinema Theory, Social Science

What Is Man? Theories of Human Nature
Anthroplogy, Social Science

A Brief History of Etruscan Civilization
Anthropology, History